Recommendation Information

It goes without saying that recommendations from our alums are very important to a successful recruitment process. This is so, especially when approximately 2,000 young women go through the process each year! We truly appreciate all the support our alums give us in the form of these recommendations.

In order to process your recommendation and ensure that it gets the proper attention it deserves, your recommendation should be received by the Assistant Vice President of Recruitment (CRIC) by July 15. Since the University of Alabama Panhellenic Association hosts a spring semester Preview Day and allows the sororities to host one spring recruitment event, it would be highly beneficial to have your recommendation by February 1.

Alpha Chi Omega Recruitment Recommendation Form Download

Your recommendation should be sent to:

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority
University of Alabama
MSC# 870414
1831 University Station
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Attention:  VP Recruitment (CRIC).

We would also like to make you aware of our national organization’s position on legacies. A legacy is a potential member whose relative is also a sorority or fraternity member. If you’re an Alpha Chi Omega legacy, that means your sister, mother, grandmother or great-grandmother is an Alpha Chi Omega member. We value those connections. We value the loyalty and devotion of our members, so we’re especially interested in meeting young women who are legacies.

All that said, recruitment remains a mutual selection process. In many of our chapters, in fact, there are sometimes more legacies participating in recruitment than space allows, so being a legacy does not guarantee membership. Ultimately, it is the chapter’s choice as to which women are invited to join. It’s your choice whether to accept.

There are some inherent recruitment benefits. If you’re a legacy, our chapters are required to invite you to a minimum of one invitational round. Should you be invited to what’s called “preference round,” you’re automatically placed at the top of the chapter’s preferential bid list. Once a legacy comes to a preference round, the choice is hers.

To make sure your prospective chapter knows you’re a legacy, be sure to have your Alpha Chi family member submit a recommendation form and review our legacy policy.