Let’s Be Real

Someone needs to change the language.  Change the conversation.

Change the way women think and act about sorority

We accept the challenge.  By offering an experience that respects and responds to the

Hopes, dreams, fears & realities

Of today’s women, in today’s world.

At Alpha Chi Omega,

We are Real Women, Facing Real Issues, In the Real World.

On the one hand, inspiring.  In turn, being inspired

Transforming.  And being transformed.

Together, creating a more positive reality, for ourselves and others.

We are Strong Women.

Strong in the courage of our convictions, the confidence in our actions and the purpose in our hearts.

To know us will be to experience a voiced that is respectful, genuine, open, empathetic and honest.  Real.

We will define how a sorority will thrive, and be defined,

Today and in the future.

We are Real. Strong. Women