The Experience

New Member Experience

The Alpha Chi Omega New Member program is designed to nurture our new members and support them in their transition to college life.  As our mission statement declares:  “Alpha Chi Omega is a national women’s organization that enriches the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service”.   This all starts with the New Member program.

The first goal of the New Member program is to make every sister feel welcome, safe and comfortable in her new home. The Alpha Chi Omega house is a haven for our members. Of course it provides the basics: delicious, nutritious meals (and a stocked snack kitchen!) and cozy, comfortable places to relax, watch TV, study or just hang out. But more importantly, it is a place where she can find sisters who will encourage her, advise her, support her, include her and make her laugh.

Secondly, our New Member program aids every new sister in establishing and supporting the study skills and practices necessary to insure academic success. New members are required to attend study hall each week; two hours of supervised study hall are required after the weekly New Member meeting.

Since we are a social sorority, a third objective of the New Member program is to promote a new sister’s college experience by providing many opportunities for themed parties, formals, and fraternity social functions. We also schedule several sisterhood events each semester (such as movie night at the Alpha Chi house, renting out a movie theatre, roller blading, tie dying tee shirts on the back porch, whole house game night, and pool parties). The actives help exhibit the balance between academics and fun to the New Members, showing how easy it is to have a good time while maintaining Alpha Chi and personal standards.

The fourth prong of our New Member program involves teaching the new members the history, traditions, and ideals of Alpha Chi Omega. Our members are taught what Alpha Chi Omega expects of them and in turn, they learn the benefits and privileges that come from the sorority. Alpha Chi Omega has a proud tradition of excellence and we want all our members to share and continue this legacy. One way we facilitate these values is through the Big Sister/Little Sister experience. A “big sister” guides her “little” through the New Member Program and gives valuable insight into what it means to belong to our esteemed organization and contribute to its continued excellence. Theirs will be a very special relationship, growing ever stronger as they experience college and sorority life together!

Enhancing new sisters’ personal development is the fifth goal of our New Member program. Through speakers and other informational formats, our members are given opportunities to hone and refine decision-making skills so that they become more responsible and independent.

Lastly, and most importantly, through spending time together as a new member class, strong, loyal friendships are forged, lasting memories are made and lifetime sisterhood is born. This is the ultimate goal of the New Member Program.

New Member Retreat

The day following Bid Day, all of the new members of the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, along with several officers and advisors, will go on a two day retreat. Here they begin to navigate friends in their new pledge class, learn what to expect in the coming months, attend a formal dinner and have lots of free time to relax after a week of Recruitment. In 2013, the New Member Retreat was held at Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham, Alabama. The venue for the 2014 New Member retreat will be revealed after the Bid Day activities.


Collegiate Experience

This is where the magic happens. For most Alpha Chi Omegas, the college years are the bonding years; the learning years; the transition years.  As you move from Freshman to Senior, New Member to Active, or little sis to big sis, a door opens to a new world of experiences and opportunities. Gradually throughout your years at college as you explore and engage with a  greater community, you find yourself in the process.

But as we tell our prospective members, new members and alumnae members, this won’t happen automatically. You have to take the initiative and make the effort. When you do, the rewards are remarkable.

MyJourney is a four-year membership program unique to Alpha Chi Omega designed specifically for our collegiate members. It creates an intentional connection to our core values of wisdom, devotion and achievement while also relating to the real life experiences of collegiate members. The program is designed by our sisters for our sisters, which allows the MyJourney experience to be truly relevant and beneficial for our members. Members of every class—freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior—participate with their pledge sisters in MyJourney events throughout the fall and spring semesters. The events and programs are specifically catered to the needs of each class at that specific point in their collegiate career. The MyJourney program seeks to develop our members into truly well rounded women. Programs cover topics such as negotiation, leadership, philanthropy, health, finances and so much more. Past MyJourney events have included cooking classes taught by our house staff, yoga instruction, former alumnae guest speakers on the importance of sisterhood, Bobbi Brown in-house make-up demonstrations, group Zumba classes at the Rec, and even formal dinner events hosted by The Cypress Inn.

Alumnae Experience

Alpha Chi Omega is not just about college. More than 200,000 women have been initiated into this organization. Thousands of them are involved, engaged and connected throughout the country and world. We want you to reap their wisdom, their connections and their counsel. Equally important, we want each new generation of Alpha Chi Omegas to benefit from your wisdom and counsel.

You get out of life what you put into it. The same holds true for your Alpha Chi Omega membership. The women who get the most out of this organization are those who seek lifelong engagement and lifelong benefits. Make the most of Alpha Chi Omega during your college years and Alpha Chi Omega will help make the most of you!