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Chapter Leadership

Amanda Ivy

President / Birmingham, AL / Junior
[email protected]

Serves as the chief officer, leading the chapter and executive board in goal setting and relationship building on campus and with headquarters. Creates and executes a journey of success for seeking the heights for herself, the executive board and the chapter.

“Alpha Chi has been the absolute best part of my college career, which is why it is such a privilege to serve this house! During rush I knew I wanted to be an Alpha Chi because of how genuine and fun-loving each girl was, and it’s been a blast ever since then to be surrounded by that 24/7. I’m thrilled to serve as Alpha Chi’s President this year with the most amazing Executive Board I could ever ask for! I cannot wait to make the best memories with the best people in 2016, and I’m excited to give back to the house that has given so much to me.”

Riley Logsdon

Vice President Chapter Relations & Standards / Vestavia Hills, Alabama / Junior
[email protected]

Responsible for ensuring that the standards, mission, and values of Alpha Chi Omega are properly maintained.

“I cannot put to words how excited I am to serve such an amazing house that means so much to me! The people I’ve met through Alpha Chi have made an eternal impact on my life and I am honored to be able give back to them. This year, I look forward to encouraging each member to uphold the standards of Alpha Chi Omega and become the best person they can be!”

Jennifer Hart

Vice President of Finance / Houston, Texas / Junior
Accounting major
[email protected]

Responsible for all financial aspects of the chapter.

“I am extremely excited to serve our chapter as Vice President of Finance this year. Being able to serve both my passions of what I am studying and Alpha Chi Omega in one position is and will be an incredible experience. I am beyond thankful to have been given this opportunity to serve.”

Carolyn Bowler

Vice President of Risk Management / Cumming, Georgia / Junior
[email protected]

Educates sisters about the importance of making healthy and safe choices reflective of human dignity. Ensure sisters are equipped with the tools needed to make healthy and safe choices in any situation they encounter.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to give back to this chapter that has given so much to me. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for each and every girl in Alpha Chi. If I could serve this house until I’m 100 years old, I probably would. It’s easy to do a job that I’m so passionate about, and I’m honored to serve with the most phenomenal executive board.”

Caroline Reinhardt

Vice President of Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation / Kingwood, Texas / Sophomore
[email protected]

Responsible for educating the chapter on the Ritual of Alpha Chi Omega. In addition, plans activities in observance of Alpha Chi Omega traditions and special celebrations, and plan and execute all Alpha Chi Omega ceremonies.

“I am thrilled to be serving as Vice President Of Ritual and Fraternity Appreciation for the 2016 school year. Being an initiated member in Alpha Chi Omega has been an honor as well as an incredibly rewarding experience. I can’t wait to pass on and share the rituals and tradition of Alpha Chi Omega to all of our new members this upcoming year!”

Courtney Ledenham

Vice President of Recruitment / Tampa, Florida / Junior
[email protected]

Constructs recruitment strategies that allow the chapter to put its best foot forwards and be well received by potential new members. Conduct recruitment workshops and provide education, training and guidance to chapter members throughout the recruiting year.

“I couldn’t be more excited to serve our house as VP of Recruitment for the 2016 year. Being an Alpha Chi has been the biggest blessing throughout my college experience and I can’t wait to welcome new members into this sweet sisterhood. Let the countdown to Bid Day begin!”

Maddie Escue

Collegiate Recruitment Information Chair / Vestavia Hills, Alabama / Junior
[email protected]

Constructs recruitment strategies that allow the chapter to put its best foot forwards and be well received by potential new members. Conduct recruitment workshops and provide education, training and guidance to chapter members throughout the recruiting year.

“I am so excited to serve as the 2016 Collegiate Recruitment Information Chair for Alpha Chi Omega. This chapter has blessed me in more ways than could have imagined and I am so honored to have the opportunity to give back by serving on the executive board. I am thankful for the incredible friends, exciting opportunities, and cherished memories that I have made in Alpha Chi Omega. I am thrilled to welcome a new group of girls into this amazing sisterhood in the fall!”

Faith Tweed

Vice President of New Member Education / Keller, Texas / Sophomore
Pre-Med/Physical Therapy major
[email protected]

Creates experiences, programs and events that develop all new sisters into real, strong women. Makes sure that all members of the chapter are educated on Alpha Chi Omega’s history, rules and workings. Implements that education lasts four years and is the responsibility of everyone in the chapter.

“Words can’t express how honored and excited I am to serve as New Member
Educator for the year of 2016! It is because of past New Member Educators that I
have grown to love this house and all these girls as much as I do. I can only hope to
have half the impact on the pledge class of 2016 as they had on me!”

Stasia Foster

Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing / Austin, Texas / Sophomore
[email protected]

Responsible for developing and maintaining clear and concise methods of marketing and promoting Alpha Chi Omega Sorority to other chapters, the campus community and the general public. Actively promote the chapter through PACE (Promote Alpha Chi Everyday) and
public relations efforts that are consistent with the Alpha Chi Omega brand.

“I cannot even explain how excited I am to serve as the VP of PR & Marketing for the 2016 term! As a freshman (haha just last year), I admired the executive board and aspired to be just like them, and I can only hope that I am making a fraction of the impact that they made on me. I have such a passion for all of my sista friends, Alpha Chi, and PR so I am absolutely thrilled to be in this position and am so PUMPED to serve the best, with the best!”

Shawn Allen

Vice President of Membership Programming / Cincinnati, Ohio / Sophomore
Business major
[email protected]

Ensures that the chapter provides experiences, opportunities, and open space to encourage growth for each member. Contributes to a positive collegiate experience, which is connected to the chapter’s ability to retain members as engaged Alpha Chi Omegas throughout their collegiate years.

“I am so excited to be a part of the 2016 exec team as VP of Membership Programming. This position means so much to me because it is a way to bring each pledge class closer together through the planning of fun events and activities. I am excited to incorporate the ideas of many to ensure the most fun year possible!”

Greer Pearson

Panhellenic Delegate / Fairhope, Alabama / Junior
[email protected]

The voice of Alpha Chi Omega within the Panhellenic Council. Responsible for all aspects of external relations with other sororities and Panhellenic, both on campus and nationally. Takes initiative to access and act on our chapter’s strengths and weaknesses in regard to Alabama Panhellenic.

“I am so thrilled to serve as the Panhellenic Delegate for Alpha Chi! I cannot wait to represent Alpha Chi and be the liasion between our house and the other sororities and fraternities on campus. I am so blessed to be working with such an amazing group of girls and to be able to serve such a wonderful house!”

Brigitte Barnes

Vice President of Intellectual Development / Monroe, Louisiana / Junior
[email protected]

Responsible for infusing a culture of academic interest into the chapter and members. Create programs that include components to reward critical and strategic thinking, and acknowledge women who excel in cognitive endeavors.

“As an out of state student at UA, Alpha Chi quickly became a place to call home away
from home from the very start of college. I’m so thankful for the friendships and
memories made in this house, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to give
back than to serve on exec. Academics have always been of great importance in my
life and have been so important in reaching my own career goals. I’m so excited to
act as an academic mentor and encourage sisters to do well in school and reach their
own dreams- but when you’re in the smartest sorority on campus, my job’s not too

Kendall Jennings

Vice President of Facility Operations / Peachtree Corners, GA / Junior
Public Relations major
[email protected]

Creates a positive living environment for all sisters, while educating members on the rules of the facility and providing safety information and training. Chapter liaison between the house director and members of the chapter

“The girls in Alpha Chi are my second family, and as VP of Facility Operations, I love making sure that our house is truly a home rather than just a place we come to eat some meals and get our mail. I want to make sure every person feels comfortable when they walk in our doors. Everyone is welcome here!!”

Alex Grady

Vice President of Philanthropy / Iowa City, Iowa / Sophomore
[email protected]

Plans, promotes and executes chapter philanthropy events. Educates the chapter on the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation and encourages participation in other chapters’ philanthropy events, including those on campus.

“I’m so excited to serve the house this year as VP of Philanthropy! I love serving others and the girls of this chapter. We’re getting excited about our many events this year, from tabling on the Quad to Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes to our A-Day Tailgate! It’s going to be a jam-packed year full of service towards our local community.”